Matrix Station is Helping You Distribute NFT Badges and Manage Them All in One Place

Matrix Station is Helping You Distribute NFT Badges and Manage Them All in One Place
The Matrix website is an all-in-one place for managing and controlling your NFT badges provided for Web 3.0 users, teams, and individual developers. End users can take part in events and explore the latest events using Matrix. Dapp developers can use the Matrix station back office to create events of their own. Events can be virtual within the products, communities, and forums, or in person such as conferences.

Matrix Back Office for Developers

Matrix Station Back Office is here to help developers with an all-in-one place, including NFT badge distribution and event management for Web 3 applications. Matrix Station Back Office is a supporting product for developers. Dapp developers can distribute NFT badges by themselves through smart contracts or they can simply use the back office to manage all of them.
First, you can create a Polis account following the next steps.

Step 1

You need to create an account to use your Polis dashboard. Go to the Polis login page and create a new account with your email and password. You can also connect your MetaMask account to the Polis dashboard.

Step 2

We have created a new account with an email and password. Once you have created your account, use Polis log in to enter the Polis dashboard. Users have a bunch of easy-to-use options here and they can manage all transactions and Web 3.0 apps in an integrated environment. There is an option to switch to different blockchain networks, including the Ethereum mainnet, Andromeda, Rinkeby testnet, and Goerli testnet.

An Introduction to Matrix Station Back Office: Developers Read Carefully

Matrix is a complete package of Web 3.0 tools and blockchain management software. Matrix Station Back Office allows you to create events and share them with the world in the Web 3.0 ecosystem. You can visit the Matrix Station Back Office website by exploring this link to add an event and manage your team and notifications.

Use Back Office to Create New Events: Decide on Each Whitelisting Method

Step 1

If you are new to Polis, you need to submit the developer access request in profile settings. After getting developer access, you can use different options to create an application and NFT badges associated with them. We selected the name “MetisDapp” for our application. Note that you can edit the settings and add more useful information after creating a dapp.

Step 2

We want to issue an NFT badge for our application (MetisDapp). A new window will open by clicking on the “Manage NFT Badges” button. So, click on “Issue new NFT badge” to proceed.

Step 3

You can set your desired settings in the new window and select the NFT badge that you want to create the event for.
It’s up to you to select an option for getting a redemption code, unique links, or unique wallet addresses. All the information will be linked to your NFT badge and you can manage the settings in the future.
Here are the 3 distribution methods for the NFT badge event that we are creating:
  • Redemption code: Selecting the redemption code option allows you to have your unique codes that are used for claiming NFT badges on the Matrix Claim website.
  • Unique links: If you choose the second option, you will get unique links and QR codes for those links.
  • White list address: You have the 3rd option to enter wallet addresses manually or upload a list of addresses in bulk.
Note that developers can choose the issue amount as well for NFT badges. We have selected unique links to get the links that are associated with the NFT badge. So, confirming the event creation process will allow us to download the links.

Managing Active Events and Managing Level Upgrades

You have access to ongoing NFT badges using the “Manage NFT Badges” section on the website. You can see the latest changes by clicking on the “Manage NFT Badges” icon on the first page of the website.
There is an edit icon that guides you to a new page to manage active events and manage level upgrades for the NFT badge you created before. You can edit the start and end date, add more descriptions, or change the issue amount using the edit option.
Follow the next steps to enter the edit section and manage the upgrade settings.
Now you can see the upgrade option on the Matrix Station website that is associated with the provided address and Polis account.

Team Management for Developers

Matrix Station Back Office also provides a team management option to completely perform professional event handling and NFT badge management. Click on the “Manage Team” option on the first page of the website to have your management window. Here, you are able to add more team members and assign dapps for them. Matrix Station Back Office also provides an option to change permissions for each team member in this section.

Matrix Station for End Users

The Matrix Station has been designed to offer extended possibilities to end users. If an NFT badge has been set up and created through the back office website, you can see the badge on the Matrix Station platform.

3 Claiming Methods

Claiming distributed NFT badges is very simple through different options, helping you achieve a unique NFT claim approach. End users can use The Matrix Station Claim page to claim NFT badges. Note that you only have one of the 3 options to claim as defined by issuers.
  • Unique links: The unique link that you have got before is an option to enter the Matrix Station claim page and submit the request.
  • Redemption codes: A redemption code is another option that enables end users to simply claim the NFT badges.
  • Address lookup: If you have connected to Matrix Station with your account, you can see the 3rd option to claim badges.

Search NFT Badges

As an end user, you can explore the latest NFT badges that have been distributed officially. The Matrix website allows you to have all the information about the distributed NFT badges and contribute to the latest events.
Sign in with your Polis account and you have a wide range of possibilities here. Click on EXPLORE, so you have a new window to search for the deployed NFT badges.

Explore Campaign Pages Through the Matrix Website

Each NFT badge on the Matrix website has a unique page that describes it and provides useful information about the events and level upgrades.
Search for an NFT badge to see the mint history, reputation power, etc.

Level Upgrades

You can upgrade unique NFT badges to the next level after claiming the NFT badges. It can be performed by the Matrix NFT Claim website following the steps explained below. But, the upgrade settings associated with the NFT badge should be applied by developers before you can do the upgrade process.
Open the Matrix NFT Claim website and search for your unique NFT badge. You can click on it and see full details and history of achievements on the NFT profile page. Note that the upgrade option is available only if all the requirements set by the developers are satisfied.
Scroll down to the end of the page and you will see the upgrade option. You can upgrade your NFT badge easily and then check the information in your Matrix profile.